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A Short Course in Photoshop Elements 2.0 Book/eBook

Автор: Dennis Curtin
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ISBN: 1928873448
Photoshop Elements is a wonderful program, at an amazingly low price. Based on Photoshop?the acknowledged leader among the many existing photo-editing programs?Photoshop Elements, like an acorn, hasn?t fallen far from the tree. It has inherited both power and complexity. Widely used by photographers, graphic artists, printers, designers, and other creative professionals, it has something for everyone. It?s the program?s breadth that lies at the heart of its complexity?there are tools for everyone and everything. Our goal in this book is to present an introduction to Photoshop Elements that lets you master those aspects of the program most useful to digital photographers. From this single perspective, the program becomesa great deal easier to master because you follow a single main road through the program. Detours along the many back roads of the program are for another time and another book. We recognize that digital images can be edited in a...
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