Кросcворд по предмету English - на тему "Qualities of character"

Был запрошен кроссворд на 8 слов, смогли построить на 8 слов
Кросcворд по предмету English - на тему Кросcворд по предмету English - на тему
По горизонтали
3. A person who gives more than takes is ...
4. When people feel deeply and quickly respond to somebody`s actions and saying, they are ..
6. His feeling are always clear for other people: when he`s happy, it`s shown, and when he`s sad - you see it too, it means he`s ...
7. Whe I was a child, my elder sister was always ... for me, whatever I`ve done
8. Oh, Mike taks too much about everything, he is a very ... boy!

По вертикали
1. Bobby likes communications and interactions with others, he is so...
2. When we join a new class or a group, we are usually feel ...
5. Sally, can`t you wait just a little more? Why are you always so...?

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