Кросcворд по предмету Medicine and pharmacy - на тему "Solutions"

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Кросcворд по предмету Medicine and pharmacy - на тему Кросcворд по предмету Medicine and pharmacy - на тему
По горизонтали
3. Extraction method in which the powdered drug is moinstened with the extracting solvent, allowed to stand for a defined period, and the carefully packed in a percolator
7. Conical or cylindrical vessel with a perforated false bottom and atap at the base
8. Solutions, in alcohol, water, ether, or a mixture of these, of the active part of a vegetable drug so prepared that one cubic centimetre of extract has the same strenght as one gram of the dry drug
10. Alcohol-ethereal solution of nitrocellulose applied in medicine
11. Substance (as a rule liquid or gas) which has ability to dissolve other substances in certain ratios
12. Unpolar dissolvent and product of reaction of an intermolecular dehydration of alcohols
14. Solutions of volatile substances in alcohol or a mixture water and alcohol

По вертикали
1. Ability of substance to be dissolved
2. Solutions of a nonvolatile substance in alcohol or a mixture or mixture of water and alcohol, are manufactured by simple solution, maceration, or percolation
4. Extraction method in which the drug, suitably prepared, is placed, together with the extracting solvent in a closed vessel and left for a defined period, with ocassional shaking
5. The best polar dissolvent
6. Substance allocated in not dissolved condition
9. Liquid preparations that contain one or more chemical substansces dissolved in a solvent
13. Clear, sweetened hydroalcoholic liquids for oral use, usually containing potent drugs, or drugs with unpleasant taste

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