Кросcворд по английскому языку на тему "Право"

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Кросcворд по английскому языку на тему Кросcворд по английскому языку на тему
По горизонтали
2. A thing or things that are owned by somebody
4. Person who has the legal right to belong to a particular country
9. The best english teacher
10. A necessary or typical part of something
11. The company filed
13. An idea or explanation of something that is based on a few known facts but that has not yet been proved to be true or correct
15. A thing or person that is being discussed, described or dealt with

По вертикали
1. A decision that is made by a jury in court, stating if somebody is considered guilty of a crime or not
3. The act of protecting somebody/something
5. A series of things that are done in order to achieve a particular result
6. A written statement of the principles and aims of an organization
7. The group of people who are responsible for controlling a country or a state
8. A system of words, letters, numbers or symbols that represent a message or record information secretly or in a shorter form
12. The system of laws and basic principles that a state, a country or an organization is governed by
13. The history, traditions and qualities that a country or society has had for many years and that are considered an important part of its character
14. A public official who charges somebody officially with a crime and prosecutes them in court

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