Кросcворд по английскому языку на тему "Meals"

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Кросcворд по английскому языку на тему Кросcворд по английскому языку на тему
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По горизонтали
3. What meal is eaten at 1 oclock
5. A dish served before the beginning of a meal
8. How do we call very tasty food
9. What sweet is the favourite in England
10. Another word for third course
12. To cook by slow boiling in a closed pan with little water
13. To cook over an open fire

По вертикали
1. In what hand should you hold a knife
2. Evening meal
4. It can be vegetable or fruit
6. With what do you cover the table
7. What is the English for блюдо
10. The most important meal of the day
11. Without what cant you imagine any dish
12. Synonym of break

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