Кросcворд по английскому языку по темам "Fruit and vegetables", "Animals", "Food"

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Кросcворд по английскому языку по темам Кросcворд по английскому языку по темам
По горизонтали
3. Фрукт. Сладкий, сочный, оранжевого цвета
4. It is a fruit. It is yellow. It is jumping high
6. What vegetable cannot you cook borscht without?
8. What foods are popular in Italy?
10. It is a vegetable. It is green. It is playing the guitare
11. It swims in the water
12. A small animal with long ears and large front teeth, which moves by jumping on its long back
14. It is a fruit. It is green. Do a headstand
16. Drink it all the time and you will be strong
17. A quite large animal with four legs which eats grass and leaves. The male has antlers (= wide

По вертикали
1. Main raw material for cheese production?
2. A large black and white mammal similar to a bear, that lives in forests in China
3. Овощ. Когда его чистишь, текут слезы
5. Овощ. Бывает красным, желтым, оранжевым, зеленым
7. It is a vegetable. It is circleshaped. It is red and green
9. An African wild animal which looks like a horse, and which has black or brown and white stripes
10. Ягода. Темно-красная, чаще кисло-сладкая на вкус
13. Сладкий фрукт округлой формы. Один из самых популярных фруктов
15. An animal like a large rabbit that can run very fast and has long ears

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