Кросcворд по английскому языку на тему "A PC system"

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Кросcворд по английскому языку на тему Кросcворд по английскому языку на тему
По горизонтали
3. This is a thing made or adapted for a particular purpose, especially a piece of mechanical or electronic equipment
4. This is the electronic circuitry within a computer that carries out the instructions of a computer program by performing the basic arithmetic, logical, control and input/output (i/o) operations specified by the instructions
8. This is the main printed circuit board found in computers
10. This is a general-purpose device that can be programmed to carry out a set of arithmetic or logical operations automatically
12. This is a number of operations per second that can be executed by the processor

По вертикали
1. This part of computer refers to the devices used to store information
2. This is high-speed units of memory used to store and control data
5. This is a chip, an expansion card, or a stand-alone device that interfaces with a peripheral device
6. This is a command for the processor
7. This feature is determines by the amount of useful work accomplished by a computer system compared to the time and resources used
9. This is an operating system based on Linux
11. This is a sequence of instructions, written to perform a specified task with a computer

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