Кросcворд по предмету Введите предмет - на тему Введите тему

Был запрошен кроссворд на 25 слов, смогли построить на 25 слов
Кросcворд по предмету Введите предмет - на тему Введите тему Кросcворд по предмету Введите предмет - на тему Введите тему
По горизонтали
1. A sport in which players are on opposite sides of the site and divided by a net slung shuttlecock over the net impacts
3. A player assigned to protect the goal in various sports
4. Task to identify the best
5. One that wins first place or first prize in a competition
7. One of the oldest sports, including competitions in different shells, and in the floor exercise and vault
9. The act of competing, as for profit or a prize
10. The inflated, spherical ball used in this game
11. Sport which involves the movement of an athlete or a pair of athletes skating on ice
12. Two unarmed combat athletes using certain methods
13. A competition that combines events in cross-country skiing and rifle shooting
14. A program of physical fitness that involves such exercise
15. A team sports game with the ball and bat
18. Team sport in which the goal is to get the ball into the opponents legs or other parts of the body (except the hands)
19. Sports discipline is to bridge swimming various distances
20. A sport in which there are bicycle racing
21. Defeat of an enemy or opponent
22. One who trains, especially one who coaches athletes, racehorses, or show animals

По вертикали
2. The gymnastic moves of an acrobat
4. A competition or series of competitions held to determine a winner
6. Mountain climbing, especially in the alps
8. Activities, such as sports, exercises, and games, that require physical skill and stamina
12. The oldest and most prestigious
16. System of techniques ownership manual knives in close combat, use and shield block
17. Major international multi-sport event
20. One of the types of sports that use bat and ball

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