Кросcворд по английскому языку по темам "Политика", "Писатели", "Изобретения", "Экономика", "Субкультуры"

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Кросcворд по английскому языку по темам Кросcворд по английскому языку по темам
По горизонтали
4. The author of the book “the old man & the sea”
7. The act of officially suggesting someone or something for a position, duty, or prize, or the fact of being suggested for it
10. To show by marking a paper, raising your hand etc which person you want to elect or whether you support a particular plan:
11. To wash the dishes
12. First Russian natural scientist, poet, artist, historian,created a project of the Moscow University, later named in his honor
16. To watch pre-recorder videos
19. To have fun and to entertain
24. He build the famous globe theatre in london

По вертикали
1. На чём ездят Байкеры
2. She wrote many detective stories
3. A type of aircraft without wings, that has one or two sets of large blades which go round very fast on top. It can land and take off vertically and can stay in one place in the air
5. Russian scientist,who ordered chemical elements and invented vodka
6. A small change, improvement, or addition that is made to a law or document, or the process of doing this:
8. An important official who represents his or her government in a foreign country
9. To send and receive urgent messages
13. They were created by scientists
14. To have fun and to entertain
15. A method of sending and receiving messages by electrical or radio signals, or the special equipment used for this purpose
17. Not only sew but do embroidery and applique and sew on buttons
18. Not allowed by the constitution
20. To receive or make calls around the home
21. Gadget for cooking, defrosting, reheating pre-prepared food
22. A machine which makes copies of documents using a photographic process
23. A law or set of laws:
25. The final image, the resulting photographic process

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