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Windows of Light: Using Quartz Crystals As Tools for Self-Transformation

Автор: Baer, Randall N.; Baer, Vicki Vittitow
Год: 1984
Издание: San Francisco: Harper & Row
Страниц: 178
ISBN: 0060603259
‘Windows of Light' is the most comprehensive book devoted to the unique potential of quartz crystals as agents of healing, self-transformation, and spiritual insight. As windows of solidified light', these crystals reveal universal patterns of wholeness and crystalline order/ Used throughout the centuries by spiritual leaders, healers, and scientists, quartz crystals can serve as tools to catalyze our connection with higher dimensions of reality and form the basis of sophisticated technologies.Randall Baer, a naturopathic doctor, has lectured widely on the many uses of crystals. He and Vicki Baer are co-directors of the Temple of Divine Science, in Los Alamos, New Mexico, a project dedicated to developing innovative light-based technologies for use in global and personal healing and transformation.'
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