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Том 1. Advanced Mineralogy. Volume 1. Сomposition, structure and properties of mineral matter. Высшая минералогия

Автор: ред. Marfunin, Arnold
Год: 1994
Издание: Springer-Verlag
Страниц: 560
ISBN: 3540572546
CАМЫЙ ПОЛНЫЙ УЧЕБНИК ПО МИНЕРАЛОГИИ. НАПИСАН 144 АВТОРАМИ ИЗ 14 СТРАН ПОД РУКОВОДСТВОМ ЗАВ КАФЕДРОЙ МИНЕРАЛОГИИ МГУThis reference book is the first in a series of five, the aim of which is to present a concise treatise on problems and final results of modern studies of earth and planetary materials in their most sophisticated aspects. Encyclopedic in its coverage of subjects, they include the systematic description of all areas of mineral matter studies corresponding to the actual capabilities and needs of science and industry.This first volume, with contributions from 107 specialists from 14 countries, contains chapters on- crystal structures theories and methods- point defects and radiation centers- natural glasses- systematics of chemical bonding approaches- properties of minerals in geophysics, technological mineralogy,and material sciences.It is an invaluable reference for all scientists in academia and industry interested in mineral matter.All existing introductory reviews of mineralogy are written accord¬ing to the same algorithm, sometimes called the Dana System of Mineralogy'. Even modern advanced handbooks, which are cer¬tainly necessary, include basic data on minerals and are essentially descriptive. When basic information on the chemistry, structure, optical and physical properties, distinguished features and para-genesis of 200-400 minerals is presented, then there is practically no further space available to include new ideas and concepts based on recent mineral studies.A possible solution to this dilemma would be to present a book beginning where introductory textbooks end for those already famil¬iar with the elementary concepts. Such a volume would be tailored to specialists in all fields of science and industry, interested in the most recent results in mineralogy.This approach may be called Advanced Mineralogy. Here, an attempt has been made to survey the current possibilities and aims in mineral matter investigations, including the main characteristics of all the methods, the most important problems and topics of mineral¬ogy, and related studies.The individual volumes are composed of short, condensed chap¬ters. Each chapter presents in a complete, albeit condensed, form specific problems, methods, theories, and directions of investigations, and estimates their importance and strategic position in science and industry.The following fields will be covered in the individual volumes:Volume 1 Composition, Structure, and Propertiesof Mineral Matter: Concepts, Results, and ProblemsVolume 2 Methods and Instrumentations:Results and Recent DevelopmentsVolume 3 Mineral Matter in Space, Mantle, Ocean Floor, Biosphere, Environmental Management, JewelryVolume 4 Processes of Mineral Formation:Frontiers in Experiment and Evolution in Geological HistoryVolume 5 Minerals as a Source of Metals, Energy, and Materials'
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