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Time in quantum mechanics

Автор: Muga J.G., Mayato R.S., Egusquiza I.L.
Год: 2002

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The treatment of time in quantum mechanics is still an important andchallenging open question in the foundation of the theory. This bookdescribes the problems, and the attempts and achievements indefining, formalizing and measuring different time quantities inquantum theory, such as the parametric (clock) time, tunneling times,decay times, dwell times, delay times, arrival times or jump times.This multiauthored book, written as an introductory guide for thenon-initiated as well as a useful source of information for theexpert, covers many of the open questions. A brief historicaloverview is to be found in the introduction. It is followed by 12chapters devoted to conceptual and theoretical investigations as wellas experimental issues in quantum-mechanical time measurements. Thisunique monograph should attract physicists as well as philosophers ofscience working in the foundations of quantum physics.
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