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The Sexually Responsive Woman

Автор: Kronhausen, Phyllis; Kronhausen, Eberhard
Год: 1965
Издание: Ballantine Books
Страниц: 288
ISBN: [не указан]
The 'meat' of this book is the detailed accounts of their sex life by four women selected from a group of volunteers, called 'The Morethan-Average Housewife, The Married Lesbian, The Doctor's Wife, and The Sexual Sophisticate'. QuotesWoman (is) the untouchable saint who through her spiritual purity raises and ennobles the grosser, baser male'.'What modern women seem to want is not just more sex, but better sex. Together with increased aggressiveness in mature women, there appears to be a trend toward demanding, and if necessary, seeking, better sexual performance from male partners'.'One should not... be surprised to hear that failure to achieve sexual happiness is likely to have an adverse effect on the woman's total relationship with her partner and may lead to the breakdown of their relationship'.'
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