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The holographic principle

Автор: Bousso R.
Год: 2002

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There is strong evidence that the area of any surface limits the information content of adjacentspacetime regions, at 1.431069 bits per square meter. This article reviews the developments that haveled to the recognition of this entropy bound, placing special emphasis on the quantum properties ofblack holes. The construction of light sheets, which associate relevant spacetime regions to any givensurface, is discussed in detail. This article explains how the bound is tested, and its validity isdemonstrated in a wide range of examples. A universal relation between geometry and information isthus uncovered. It has yet to be explained. The holographic principle asserts that its origin must lie inthe number of fundamental degrees of freedom involved in a unified description of spacetime andmatter. It must be manifest in an underlying quantum theory of gravity. This article surveys somesuccesses and challenges in implementing the holographic principle.
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