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The Eagles Gather

Автор: Caldwell, Taylor
Год: 1973
Издание: Pyramid Books
Страниц: 446
ISBN: [не указан]
This is an unforgettable novel of a titanic family of the greed that nourished them and of the strange haunted love that even their immense power could not crush.In collaboration with her second husband Marcus Reback Caldwell wrote several bestsellers the first of which was Dynasty of Death. Caldwell had started to write the story in 1934. It begins from the year 1837 and focuses on the entangled relationships of two families who control a huge munitions trust. Joseph Barbour is a servant who becomes a successful businessman and arms manufacturer. His son Martin is not interested in money he is an idealist and altruist. Ernest the elder son is an egoist and believes that money is the greatest power in the world. Ernest loves Amy Drumhill the niece of Gregory Sessions owner of a steel factory. However she marries Martin who establishes a hospital and dies in the American Civil War. Ernest's hardness ruins Joseph and he is cursed by his mother. Dynasty of Death attracted wide attention when it was revealed that behind the male pseudonym was a woman. The story was continued in The Eagles Gather and The Final Hour.
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