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Sourcebook of parallel computing

Автор: Dongarra J., Foster I., Fox G.
Год: 2003

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This book builds on the important work done at the Center for Research on Parallel Computation and within the academic community for over a decade. It is a definitive text on parallel Computing and should be a key reference for students, researchers and practitioners in the field. The Sourcebook for Parallel Computing gives a thorough introduction to parallel applications, software technologies, enabling technologies, and algorithms. I highly recommend this great book to anyone interested in a comprehensive and thoughtful treatment of the most important issues in parallel computing. The Features and Benefits of this book includes...but not limited to 1) Providing a solid background in parallel computing technologies 2) Examining the technologies available and teaches students and practitioners how to select and apply them 3) Presenting case studies in a range of application areas including Chemistry, Image Processing, Data Mining, Ocean Modeling and Earthquake and 4) Considering the future development of parallel computing technologies and the kinds of applications they will support. Worth buying this book, your money is invested!
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