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Similarity and Dimensional Methods in Mechanics

Автор: Sedov L.
Год: 1993

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Similiarity and Dimensional Methods in Mechanics, 10th Edition is an English language translation of this classic volume examining the general theory of dimensions of physical quantities, the theory of mechanical and physical similarity, and the theory of modeling. Several examples illustrate the use of the theories of similarity and dimensions for establishing fundamental mechanical regularities in aviation, explosions, and astrophysics, as well as in the hydrodynamics of ships. Other interesting areas covered include the general theory of automodel motions of continuum media, the theory of propagation of explosion waves in gases, the theory of one-dimensional nonestablished motion in gases, the fundamentals of the gas-dynamics theory of atom-bomb explosion in the atmosphere and the theory of averaging of gaseous flows in channels. Aspects of modeling include the dimensionless characteristics of compressor operation, the theories of engine thrust, and efficiency of an ideal propeller for subsonic and supersonic speeds. Similiarity and Dimensional Methods in Mechanics, 10th Edition is an ideal volume for researchers and students involved in physics and mechanics.
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