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Practical Genetic Algorithms

Автор: Haupt R.L., Haupt S.E.
Год: 2004

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The use of genetic algorithms (GAs) to solve large and often complex computational problems has given rise to many new applications in a variety of disciplines. Practical Genetic Algorithms was the first introductory-level book on genetic algorithms to emphasize practical applications rather than theory. Practical Genetic Algorithms, Second Edition reflects the significant evolution of the field since the book's first edition. In an accessible style, the authors explain why the genetic algorithm is superior in many real-world applications, cover continuous parameter genetic algorithms, and provide in-depth trade-off analysis of genetic algorithm parameter selection. Written for the practicing scientist, engineer, economist, artist, or anyone with an interest in the basics of GAs, the Second Edition continues to offer readers an up-to-date look at the evolving practical applications of GAs and how to manipulate them in order to get the best performance.
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