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По национальным паркам мира. Roundabout the World's National Parks. Pupil's Book

Автор: Горохов, В.А.; Вишневская, С.С.
Год: 1993
Издание: Просвещение
Страниц: 223
ISBN: 5090058350
The present book might be of interest to wide readership of different ages — especially, we hope, to the younger set. It is a thrilling blend of fact and fancy. You will be able to gain an insight into the animal kingdom and learn the ways and habits of animals. What is more, you will see how beautiful our Mother Nature is, and how many mysteries She conceals. At the same time, you will see how fragile and vulnerable She is. The authors draw on first-hand impressions and say what they think about their subject-matter. Not devoid of certain poetic charm, this kind and instructive book is rich in detail, in factual evidence and comparisons of the past and present, of what is found on our native soil and in foreign parts. The book invites you to a journey roundabout national parks in many countries. So, bon voyage!
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