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Palekh and Palekhians

Автор: Shchannitsyn, V.A.
Год: 1994
Издание: Первая образцовая типография
Страниц: 71
ISBN: [не указан]
Dear Readers!Let me bring to your attention Vadim Shchanitsyn's new book Palekh and Palekhians'—a history of a specific-form of folk art. Palekh art emanates a light and kindness that reach the souls of people in different corners of the Earth, far away from the small Russian township called Palekh. We, as publishers, were captivated by the originality of this book. It contains a large number of illustrations accompanied by stories about artists who create these world-renowned miniature masterpieces. Narration of the artists' lives, their views on art and opinions on each other will, no doubt, help us to look into the enigma of Palekh art.To lovers and connoisseurs of 'palekh', to all admirers of the beautiful we devote this book.Yours faithfully, Sergei ChepkyCommercial director, Zet Industrial Co. General director, Zet Building Co.'
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