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Orthogonal Arrays: Theory and Applications

Автор: Hedayat A.S., Sloane N.J.A., Stufken J.
Год: 1999

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This is the first book on the subject since its introduction more than fifty years ago, and it can be used as a graduate text or as a reference work. It features all of the key results, many very useful tables, and a large number of research problems. The book will be of interest to those interested in one of the most fascinating areas of discrete mathematics, connected to statistics and coding theory, with applications to computer science and cryptography. It will be useful for anyone who is running experiments, whether in a chemistry lab or a manufacturing plant (trying to make those alloys stronger), or in agricultural or medical research. Sam Hedayat is Professor of Statistics and Senior Scholar in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, University of Illinois, Chicago. Neil J.A. Sloane is with AT&T Bell Labs (now AT&T Labs). John Stufken is Professor Statistics at Iowa State University.
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