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Micromixing in turbulent reactive flows

Автор: ред. Frolov, S.; Frost, V.; Roekaerts, D.
Год: 2004
Издание: Torus Press
Страниц: 168
ISBN: 5945880248
The book contains 25 revised and edited condensed papers on micromixing in turbulent reactive flows. The papers address the fundamentals of turbulent mixing of chemical species and their reaction in flame fronts or other structures.The book provides an overview of key problems in turbulent combustion modeling. Both theoretical and experimental results are presented. The main emphasis is on statistical modeling of turbulent reactive flows. New methods of micromixing simulation are discussed. The contents of the book have been assembled from the material submitted to the International Conference on Micromixing held in Moscow, May 14-17, 2004.The volume will be useful for researchers, power plant designers and engineers, and can serve as a reference book for graduate studies in combustion science and technology.
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