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Methods of operations research / Методы исследования операций

Автор: Morse, Philip M.; Kimball, George E.
Год: 2005
Издание: NY: Dover
Страниц: 158
ISBN: 0486432343
Полное переиздание публикации 1951 года, первой гражданской публикации по исследованию операций в США. Введение - Saul I. Gass.Operations research originated during World War II with the military's need for a scientific method of providing executive departments with a quantitative decision-making basis. This volume—co-written by the father of operations research and one of his closest associates, based on their Navy research—originally appeared in classified form but was later made available to scientists, engineers, and other nonmilitary professionals. The first such text published in the United States, this is a key book in the development of operations research as a major academic discipline.Beginning with an introduction that defines the objectives of operations research procedures, the authors discuss probability and the use of measures of effectiveness. They explore strategical kinematics, tactical analysis, gunnery and bombardment problems, operational experiments with equipment and tactics, and organizational and procedural problems.Written with the utmost coherence, this classic work merits study by undergraduate and graduate students as well as business, military, and industry professionals. This new edition features an introduction by Saul I. Gass, a past president of the Operations Research Society of America.This Dover edition, first published in 2003, is an unabridged republication of the revised edition of the work, as published by The Technology Press of MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and John Wiley, New York, in 1951. The original volume was first published by the U.S. Navy in 1946. A new Introduction to the Dover Edition, written by Saul I. Gass, has been added to the present edition.51 figures. 31 tables.Contents:1. Introduction (p. 1)2. Probability (p. 11)3. The Use of Measures of Effectiveness (p. 38)4. Strategical Kinematics (p. 61)5. Tactical Analysis (p. 81)6. Gunnery and Bombardment Problems (p. 110)7. Operational Experiments with Equipment and Tactics (p. 129)8. Organizational and Procedural Problems (p. 137)Tables (p. 146)Bibliography (p. 154)
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