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Mastering XMI: Java Programming with XMI, XML, and UML (With CD-ROM)

Автор: Grose, Timothy; Doney, Gary; Brodsky, Stephen
Год: 2002
Издание: Wiley
Страниц: 435
ISBN: 0471384291
Create more powerful, flexible applications using a new extension of the XML standardProgrammers are finding that the XMI extension of the XML standard provides a lot more flexibility in writing software for sharing data. Written by one of the principal authors of XMI, this book provides programmers with everything they need to know to best utilize this extension. The authors cover the basics first, detailing the essential concepts and explaining how XMI relates to XML and UML. Readers will then learn how to program with XMI, including how to express data in XMI, create XMI documents with Java, and merge documents. Samples of real-world XMI applications are also included throughout the book that show how IBM is using XMI with data warehousing and how to convert simple relational databases into XMI.CD-ROM includes sample XMI source code and software tools for developing XMI and XML applications.
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