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Lost City

Автор: Cussler, Clive; Kemprecos, Paul
Год: 2004
Издание: Berkley Books
Страниц: 515
ISBN: 0425204197
Clive Cussler's legions of fans have come to expect high adventure at sea, exotic locales, cutting-edge science and page-turning pace. Lost City is no exception - Cussler proves once again that he is the Grandmaster. An enzyme that will dramatically prolong life has been discovered two thousand feet down in the North Atlantic, in an area known as 'Lost City'. But why are the people attempting to harvest it getting killed? Why are the scientists in a remote Greek laboratory disappearing one by one? What does this all have to do with a body found frozen in the ice high up in the Alps? For Kurt Austin, leader of NUMA's Special Assignments Team, and his colleague Joe Zavala, it's clear they have their work cut out for them, but it may be even bigger than they think in fact, it may be their greatest challenge of all Rich with hair-raising action and
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