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Longman Dictionary of English Language and Culture

Автор: Summers, Della
Год: 2000
Издание: Longman (Pearson Education Limited)
Страниц: 1568
ISBN: 058230203, 058230203X, 058230203X
This dictionary combines a complete language dictionary with the cultural information you need to understand references to people, places, and events in newspapers, in literature, on TV and in films, as well as in general conversations.Language• 80,000 words and phrases, including new words like FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and ISDN• Definitions that get to the heart of the meaning - using the Longman 2000-word Defining Vocabulary• Full coverage of British and American Englishand Culture• Over 15,000 cultural and encyclopedic entries, from politics, history, geography, science, the arts, and popular culture - from Falstaff to Fantasia, to a Fig Newton - all thoroughly revised and updated• Feature pages, colour photos, maps and drawings bring the language to life• More than 400 Cultural Notes at entries such as Declaration of Independence and Oxbridge
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