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Journal of Humanistic Psychology. Summer 1984 vol. 24 no. 3

Автор: [автор не указан]
Год: 1984
Издание: Beverly Hills. Sage Publications
Страниц: 163
ISBN: [не указан]
Special Peace Issue:David South Notes for a Final Exam'Glen A.Chilstrom 'Psychological Aspects of the Nuclear Arms Race'Steven Kull 'War as a Species Disorder'Maurice Friedman 'The Nuclear Threat and the Hidden Human Image'Willis W. Harman 'Peace on Earth: The Impossible Dream Become Possible'Alan Nelson 'Prayer for Peace: Meditation, Contemplation,, and Nonviolence in Our Nuclear Age'Joanna Macy 'Buddhist Approaches to Social Action'Lucien A. Buck 'Nonviolence and Satyagraha in Attenborough's Gandhi'Larry Sargent 'Dreams in the Nuclear Age'Tom Greening 'Three Haiku for Peace'Gerard Haigh 'Children, Flowers, and Nuclear Bombs'Tom Greening 'Veronica'Joanna Macy 'Brething Through the Pain of the World
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