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Java 2 Exam Cram (Exam: 310-025)

Автор: Brogden, William B.
Год: 1999
Издание: Coriolis Group Books
Страниц: 400
ISBN: 1576102912
Amazon.com ReviewWritten for the new or experienced Java developer seeking Sun programmer certification, Java 2 Exam Prep provides a concise and quite thorough review of the nuts and bolts of the Java programming language, along with an appealing mix of review questions and hands-on exercises.The tour of the Java programming language provided in Java 2 Exam Prep naturally centers on the basics needed to complete certification. You'll get all the required details here, including everything from keywords, data types, and arrays to designing classes and using built-in APIs like AWT, Swing, and network classes.But it's the review test questions that are probably the distinguishing feature of this book. Each chapter presents about 20 review questions. (Earlier sections generally have more, and later sections have a few less.) By the end of the book, any reader who carefully works through these problems will have a definite leg up on the certification exam. While other review books certainly provide sample Java questions, the range of quizzed material in Java 2 Exam Prep is a standout.Each chapter also has short hands-on exercises. After reading about basic concepts and necessary APIs and trying out the test questions, you might discover holes in your Java knowledge. The exercises let you build knowledge in weaker areas. The layout of each chapter lets you concentrate on those areas that need the most work.If the format of Java 2 Exam Prep is a winner, its pleasant tone and clearly presented review of essential material can help bring blurry topics into focus. Though the Java certification exams themselves are known for their sometimes arcane detail, the upfront style of Java 2 Exam Prep may be just what you need to review Java successfully and earn Java certification. --Richard DraganTopics covered: The Java certification process, Java data types, installing the JDK, flow control, exceptions, arrays, class design, patterns, garbage collection, thread programming, AWT and JFC/Swing basics, layout managers, event handling, AWT and Java 2D graphics APIs, I/O, SmartCards, and servlet fundamentals. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.Product DescriptionServes as the perfect complement to all study guides and training materials for the Sun Certified Java JDK 1.2 Programmer Exam. The best way to build confidence is through study of example questions similar to those on the real exam and this book will have numerous examples and a complete practice exam. Includes sections on proven test-taking strategies, warnings on trick questions, time-saving study tips, multiple-part question strategies, and shortcuts.
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