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Java 2 Developer's Handbook

Автор: Heller, Philip; Roberts, Simon
Год: 1999
Издание: Sybex
Страниц: 1011
ISBN: 0782121799
Hey developers, don't miss the book that the Java Developer's Journal calls the most advanced guide to Java available--it will definitely take you to the next level.' With extensive coverage of the new advanced Java topics like security, remote method invocation, internationalization, Swing, and more, this book has been completely revised for the latest version of Java. Learn problem-solving and troubleshooting techniques developed and tested by well-respected Java programmers/educators/Sun employees. You'll find plenty of reusable code, both in the book and on the companion CD. The CD also includes timesaving applets, tools, and utilities. If you're building full-scale Java applications, you need this book on your desk.'
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