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Interviewing Skills (DK Essential Managers)

Автор: Hindle, Tim
Год: 1998
Издание: DK Publishing
Страниц: 72
ISBN: 0789424452
This short-'n'-sweet guide cuts out the jargon, and shows you how to manage the position-filling process in three key stages: preparing for interviews (writing the job description and ad, deciding how to recruit, assessing rйsumйs, selecting interviewees and arranging interviews, preparing questions, and honing your listening skills), conducting interviews (evaluating an applicant, guiding the interview, reading body language, and opening and closing the right way), and analyzing interviews (recording impressions, making a shortlist and conducting call-back interviews, matching an applicant to a job, and making a final offer). Throughout, boxed tips; sample job descriptions, rйsumйs and formal offers; handy checklists; and easy-to-follow and adaptable flow charts clarify the interviewing process, and bring it to life.Combining the talent of the For Dummies' book series for breaking down a lot of information into bite-sized bits and sidebars with Dorling-Kindersley's signature design style of crisp, classy graphics on a gleaming white backdrop, the books don't represent the cutting edge of business thinking or reflect necessarily any unique individual perspective. Instead, it's as if someone had collated the best general thinking on these 20 topics, and rolled them out into brightly designed and easy-to-read pages--studded along the way with boxed tips, color shots of a multiracial cast of 'coworkers' animatedly hashing through the workplace issues of the day, and, on the last few pages of each volume, a self-test of one's skills in the topic at hand. Again, they're not for anyone who's looking for more in-depth or focused help on any of the covered subjects, but they're perfect as a quick general-interest reference
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