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Integrals and Series (vol. 4) Direct Laplace Transforms

Автор: Prudnikov A.P., Brychkov Yu. A., Marichev O.I.
Год: 1992

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The fourth and fifth volumes of this extensive multivolume project Integrals and Series are devoted to tables of Laplace transforms. In these companion volumes the authors have collected data scattered throughout the literature, and have augmented this material with many unpublished results obtained in their own research. Volume 4 contains tables of direct Laplace transforms, a number of which are expressed in terms of the Meijer G-function. When combined with the table of special cases, these formulae can be used to obtain Laplace transforms of numerous elementary functions of mathematical physics. Volume 5 offers tables of inversion formulae for the Laplace transformation and includes tables of factorization and inversion of various integral transforms.
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