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Ideas&Issues Intermediate

Автор: Johnston, Olivia; Farrel, Mark
Год: 2001
Издание: Обнинск: Титул
Страниц: 102
ISBN: 586866101, 586866101X, 586866101X
Ideas & Issues Intermediate stimulates real discussion in the English-language classroom. Its 'Four Skills' programme combines reading and listening practice with grammar and vocabulary revision and follow-up writing tasks. The book's integrated approach encourages intermediate-level students to compare different points of view on a wide range of topical issues and guides them towards successful communication.Ideas & Issues Intermediate is suitable for students on general English courses, or those working towards the Cambridge First Certificate or similar exams.- 22 units - each a ready-made lesson- authentic reading texts from British, American and other English-language sources- Key Language sections highlighting grammar and vocabulary in context- Tune in listening presentations for aural practice-pairwork, groupwork, roleplays, dialogue-building and preparing questionnaires- Talking Tactics on cover flaps - useful language for quick reference in class discussions- varied writing exercises as consolidation work.
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