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Horse and Elephant Armour

Автор: Pant, G.N.
Год: 1997
Издание: New Dehli
Страниц: 308
ISBN: 8173200068
The Horse and Elephant Armour authored by G.N. Pant is the very first attempt of its kind in India. Profusely illustrated with line drawings and photographs, all derived from the authentic sources, the book is the sum total of life-long intensive study of the author. The origin and development of Indian cavalry and elephantry have been narrated with meticulous care. The horse armour and harness e.g. saddle, stirrups, chanfron, crinet, cuello, crest, bridle-cutter, flanchard, poitrel and spur have been discussed and illustrated. The Indian rulers placed great reliance on the elephants and harnessed them with several protective and ornamental coverings. The warrior was very much dependent upon his horse or elephant in active warfare which made it necessary that the war animal was properly harnessed and armoured. This book elephant and Armour will serve as a reference work and bound to be welcomed by the researchers in the field of military science, museology, art and Indian culture.Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction : constructional details. 2. Cavalry through the ages. 3. Horse armour and harness. 4. Saddle and stirrups. 5. Elephantry through the ages. 6. Elephant armour and harness. 7. Arms of the mounted warriors. Appendix: 1. Kautilya on elephants. 2. Kautilya on horses. 3. Animal armour from Taxila excavations. 4. Elephant - goad. 5. Calthrops. 6. Royal Kharkhanas of Firuz Tughluq. 7. Ain-I-Akbari on horses and camels. 8. Ain-I-Akbari on elephants. 9. Armoured horse during Jahangir. 10. Armoured elephant during Jahangir. Glossary. Bibliography. Index.
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