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Handbook of Integral Equations

Автор: Polyanin A., Manzhirov A.
Год: 1998

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More than 2100 integral equations with solutions are given in the first part of the book. A lotof new exact solutions to linear and nonlinear equations are included. Special attention is paid toequations of general form, which depend on arbitrary functions. The other equations contain oneor more free parameters (it is the reader’s option to fix these parameters). Totally, the number ofequations described is an order of magnitude greater than in any other book available.A number of integral equations are considered which are encountered in various fields ofmechanics and theoretical physics (elasticity, plasticity, hydrodynamics, heat and mass transfer,electrodynamics, etc.).The second part of the book presents exact, approximate analytical and numerical methodsfor solving linear and nonlinear integral equations. Apart from the classical methods, some newmethods are also described. Each section provides examples of applications to specific equations.The handbook has no analogs in the world literature and is intended for a wide audienceof researchers, college and university teachers, engineers, and students in the various fields ofmathematics, mechanics, physics, chemistry, and queuing theory.
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