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Fundamentals of Wavelets : Theory, Algorithms, and Applications

Автор: Goswami J.C., Chan A.K.
Год: 1999

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Wavelet theory originated from research activities in many areas of science and engineering. As a result, it finds applications in a wide range of practical problems. Wavelet techniques are specifically suited for nonstationary signals for which classic Fourier methods are ineffective.Based on courses taught by the authors at Texas A&M University as well as related conferences, Fundamentals of Wavelets is a textbook offering an up-to-date engineering approach to wavelet theory. It balances a discussion of wavelet theory and algorithms with its far-ranging practical applications in signal processing, image processing, electromagnetic wave scattering, and boundary value problems.Concluding chapters present interesting applications of wavelets to signal processing and boundary value problems. Fundamentals of Wavelets is an essential introduction to wavelet theory for students and professionals alike in a practical, real-world engineering context.
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