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Автор: Asimov, Isaak
Год: 1971
Издание: Avon Books
Страниц: 200
ISBN: [не указан]
ISAAk ASIMOV is one of that small handfulof writers who have created an importantnew literature in science fiction. His famousFOUNDATION trilogy is a landmark in imagi-native fiction, and winner of a special HugoAward as Best All Time Series in the realmof science- and fantasy-fiction—winning oversuch works as those of Tolkien, Burroughs,and E. E. Smith.In this, the beginning of the epic, he tells oflife in the Galactic Empire, and of Hari Sel-don's battle to prevent tens of thousands ofyears of anarchy through the creation of theFoundation.FOUNDATION AND EMPIRE and SECOND FOUN-DATION are the other two novels in this series.
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