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Elements of Applied Bifurcation Theory

Автор: Kuznetsov Y.A.
Год: 1998

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This is a book on nonlinear dynamical systems and their bifurcations under parameter variation. It provides a reader with a solid basis in dynamical systems theory, as well as explicit procedures for application of general mathematical results to particular problems. Special attention is given to efficient numerical implementations of the developed techniques. Several examples from recent research papers are used as illustrations. The book is designed for advanced undergraduate or graduate students in applied mathematics, as well as for Ph.D. students and researchers in physics, biology, engineering, and economics who use dynamical systems as model tools in their studies. A moderate mathematical background is assumed, and whenever possible, only elementary mathematical tools are used. This new edition preserves the structure of the first edition, while updating the context to incorporate recent theoretical developments, in particular, new and improved numerical methods for bifurcation analysis. Reviews of the first edition: "I know of no other book that so clearly explains the basic phenomena of bifurcation theory." Math Reviews "The book is a fine addition to the dynamical systems literature. It is good to see, in our modern rush to quick publication, that we, as a mathematical community, still have time to bring together, and in such a readable and considered form, the important results on our subject
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