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Dynamical Systems and Fractals : Computer Graphics Experiments with Pascal

Автор: Becker K.H., Dörfler M.
Год: 1990

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This study of chaos, fractals and complex dynamics is intended for anyone familiar with computers. While keeping the mathematics to a simple level with few formulas, the reader is introduced to an area of current scientific research that was scarcely possible until the availability of computers. The book is divided into two main parts; the first provides the most interesting problems, each with a solution in a computer program format. Numerous exercises enable the reader to conduct his or her own experimental work. The second part provides sample programs for specific machine and operating systems; details refer to IBM-PC with MS-DOS and Turbo-Pascal, UNIX 42BSD with Berkeley Pascal and C. Other implementations of the graphics routines are given for the Apple Macintosh, Apple IIE and IIGS and Atari ST.
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