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Designing and Using Databases for School Improvement

Автор: Bernardt, V.L.
Год: 2000
Издание: Eye On Education
Страниц: 142
ISBN: 1883001951
This guide is designed for school and district administrators and teachers who want to use data to improve their schools, for college and university instructors who teach school administrators, and for support personnel who teach graduate-level education courses. The guide explains how to define the scope of a needed database, how to ready the data for official and unofficial database designers, how to establish data analyses that will help schools improve, and how to use data to continuously improve schools. Although not intended to be a buying guide for software, it does include the steps required to build a database and a tool to assist with the purchasing of database solutions. Chapter titles reflect the scope of the guide: (1) Introduction: The Need for a Database for Schoolwide Improvement'
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