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Dave Barry's Guide to Marriage and/or Sex

Автор: Barry, Dave
Год: 1987
Издание: Rodale Press
Страниц: 88
ISBN: 0878577254
Классик американского юмора, их Жванецкий! о перипетиях женитьбы и,или любви и секса. Шикарные иллюстрации Jerry O-Brien. How to find somebody to go on dates with and eventually get married to who is not a total jerk. 2 Living in sin. 3. A frank, mature, sensitive, and caring discussion of human sexuality with dirty pictures. 4. Breaking up or getting engaged. 5. Important prenuptial chapter. 6. How to have a perfect wedding no matter what. 7. Newlywed finances. 8. How to argue like a veteran marrie dcouple. 9. Children: a big mistake , or bad idea? 10. How to have an affair. 11 How to put new life into your marriage or else get a divorce
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