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Confined detonations and pulse detonation engines

Автор: ред. Roy, G.D.; Frolov, S.M.; Santoro, R.J. и др.
Год: 2003
Издание: Torus Press
Страниц: 384
ISBN: 5945880124
The volume contains 24 revised and edited articles on confined gaseous and spray deflagrations and detonations and their applications to pulse detonation propulsion written by world-known experts in detonation physics and propulsion. The articles include critical analyses of previous studies and controversial aspects of confined detonations, new experimental and theoretical results and findings, as well as numerous references to archival publications worldwide. The contents are organized in three parts: (1) Confined Deflagrations and Detonations; (2) Pulse Detonation Engines; and (3) Avenues of Future Research. The volume is prepared as a reference for practicing engineers and research scientists working in the field of combustion and propulsion.
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