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Combustion and atmospheric pollution

Автор: ред. Roy, G.D.; Frolov, S.M.; Starik, A.M.
Год: 2003
Издание: Torus Press
Страниц: 680
ISBN: 5945880213
The book includes 128 revised, edited and formatted condenced papers on combustion science and technology and physical chemistry of atmospheric pollution written by international experts from 17 countries. It covers fundamentals of combustion in propulsion devices, ground transportation engines, and stationary power plants with an emphasis on pollutant emission problems, pollutant formation chemistry, physics and chemistry of exhaust-related clusters and aerosols, and assessment of accompanying environmental effects. The book is published in connection with the International Symposium on Combustion and Atmospheric Pollution held in St. Petersburg, Russia, July 8-11, 2003, dedicated to the memory of N. N. Semenov.The volume is addresed to practicing engineers and researchers and can serve as a reference book for graduate studies in combustion science, technology, and environmental protection.
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