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An Introduction to Jung's Psychology

Автор: Fordham, Frieda
Год: 1953
Издание: Penguin
Страниц: 127
ISBN: [не указан]
Most people have heard of the late C. G. Jung, often linking him vaguely with Sigmund Freud; and although the terms complex', 'introvert' and 'extravert' are often used in everyday speech, few realised they were coined by him.Jung's influence has been far-reaching, touching many of the human sciences, and his ideas have proved of value in such widely different fields as biology and theology.Many of his writings are technical, and even those of a general nature often appear somewhat obscure, but they contain a core of significance for everyone. This book aims at revealing this core to the reading public in language which is easily comprehensible, and yet does not do violence to the subtlety and creative genius of one of the greatest modern psychologists.'
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