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An Introduction to Genetic Algorithms

Автор: Mitchell M.
Год: 1999

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Mitchell's book provvides an in-depth intodution to genetic algorithms in areas such as machine learning , scientific modeling, and "artificial life". _An Introduction to Genetic Algorithms_ is a terse and accesible text allowing readers to implement and experiment with genetic algorithms (GA's) — specifically GA's in machine learning, scientific modeling, and "artificial life". Included are thought experiments and exercises to enforce ideas presented in each chapter of the text. Chapter one introduces GA terms and history while describing two applications in detail. Chapter two and three explore the use of GA's in problem solving and scientific modeling. The fourth chapter gives a thorough overview of the theoretical foundations of GA's, while the fifth tackles implementation of GA's. The last chapter surveys some currently unanswered questions and considers the future of GA's. Inlcuded in two appendices are substantial references to other resources on genetic algorithms
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