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Adultery for Adults

Автор: Peterson, Joice; Mercer, Marilyn
Год: 1970
Издание: Bantam; Издание 2-е
Страниц: 176
ISBN: [не указан]
A unique guide to self-development. Probable the farthest-out advice you'll ever read on marriage.Preface; Introduction; The Case for Creative Adultery; A Few Historical Notes; How to Begin; Logistics: Where to Go and How Often; Combinations and How They Work; Advice to Singles; Occupational Hazards; Cross-Cultural Adultery; Dangerous Partners, or Types to Watch Out for; Four Cautionary Tales: Some Case Histories; Third Parties and the Roles They Play; A Word to the Working Wife; Some Do's and Don'ts; Tips for Travelers; Organized Adultery; How Should the Injured Wife Behave?; How Should the Injured Husband Behave?; The End of the Affair
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