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88 Men and 2 Women

Автор: Duffy, Clinton T.
Год: 1963
Издание: Pocket Books, Inc, New York
Страниц: 234
ISBN: [не указан]
As warden of the infamous San Quentin prison in the 1940s, Clinton Duffy presided over 90 state-ordered executions. 88 MEN AND 2 WOMEN – Duffy's account of his 12-year tenure – is an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the incarceration and subsequent deaths of that era's most notorious criminals.Duffy's predicament was that he didn't agree with capital punishment. Despite this, his solemn nod to the executioner would cause the floor to drop out of the gallows. After the gallows were dismantled in favor of a more humane means of execution, his nod would prompt the unleashing of cyanide into a vat of distilled water and sulfuric acid within the gas chamber.Книга стала библиографической редкостью даже в США.
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