Готовый кроссворд по английскому языку - на тему "Corporate governance"

По горизонтали
3. Model of the corporate governance where Supervisory Council is composed only of independent directors, the executive board - only of the managers of the companies (ceos)
6. A kind of investment fund
11. Institutional member of the financial market, which structure the range of financial services according to the level of the contrys financial system
14. A subset of project management that includes the processes required to ensure timely and appropriate generation, collection and dissemination, storage and ultimate disposition of project information
19. The planned dates for performing activities and the planned dates for meeting milestones
21. Loose possibility of obtaining income in the form of dividents
22. How can we name a group of majority shareholders and agents, who have more favorable term of access to the confidential onformation concerning the corporations activity
По вертикали
1. A response to a negative risk event. Distinguished from contingency plan in that a workaround is not planned in advance of the occurrence of the risk event
2. A legal entity created in the form of ojsc the members of which are not less than ten custodians and which carries only the depository activities, while the share of member in the authorized fund may not exceed 25%
4. Financial agent (or bank) that takes responsibility for saving securities
5. Financial instrument whose value is based on one or more underlying assets. In practice, it is a contract between two parties that specifies conditions (especially the dates, resulting values of the underlying variables, and notional amounts) under which payments are to be made between the parties
7. Executive body of the joint-stock company may be sole and…
8. Partnership, assotiation, group of persons united on the basis of craft, caste, commercial and other interests
9. Success - is the ability to move from one failure to another without losing it
10. An individual or institution (including a corporation) that legally owns a share of stock in a public or private corporation
12. Empowering them, we take on additional liabilities
13. Any measurable, tangible, verifiable outcome, result, or item that must be produced to complete a project or part of a project. Often used more narrowly in reference to an external deliverable, which is a deliverable that is subject to approval by the project sponsor or customer
14. Our client expect it from us
15. A subset of project management that includes the processes required to ensure that the various elements of the project are properly coordinated
16. Disclosure of the relevant financial information about the activities of the company and monitoring the activities of the Board
17. A contract is a mutually binding agreement that obligates the seller to provide the specified product and obligates the buyer to pay for it. Usually contracts are Fixed-price or lump sum, cost-reimbursable or time and material contracts
18. A phenomenon where efficiency of the common sbu activity increases over the amount of the performae of each sbu if they acted separately
20. An assessment of the likely quantitative result. Usually applied to project costs and durations and should always include some indication of accuracy (e.g., +/- percent). Usually used with a modifier (e.g., preliminary, conceptual, feasibility)
23. The number of work periods (not including holidays or other non-working periods) required to complete an activity or other project element. Usually expressed as workdays or workweeks. Sometimes incorrectly equated with elapsed time
24. A general, undetailed plan of action, encompassing a long period of time, to achieve a complicated goal

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