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You Can Eat That! Awesome Food for Kids with Diabetes

Автор: Robyn Webb
Год: 2007
Издание: Cleveland Clinic Press
Страниц: 182
ISBN: 1596240296
As a parent, you may feel as if your world has been turned upside down when your child is diagnosed with diabetes. With knowledge, determination, and diligent medical care, your child with diabetes should be able to lead a healthy, active, and happy life. Apart from medical issues, one of the hardest things for families to deal with is also one of the most common daily experiences - eating. It is hard enough to prepare meals for picky eaters, but throw diabetes into the mix, and the picture becomes much more complicated. Food should also be creative and fun for kids. Having diabetes doesn't mean your child should settle for boring, bland food. The recipes in this book are easy to prepare, using common ingredients. Most importantly, they are "kid tested" and geared particularly to kids tastes. And there's no need for separate meals since these recipes were tested among children with diabetes - as well as those without - and it was unanimous: The food was tasty for everyone!
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