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Writers & Artists Yearbook 2010

Автор: [автор не указан]
Год: 2009
Издание: A&C Black
Страниц: 856
ISBN: 9781408111277, 1408111276
The bestselling guide to markets in all areas of the media, completely revised and updated, and this year in its 103rd edition. With a foreword by Julie Myerson and Notes from Richard and Judy. With new articles on the latest publishing trends: US Google settlement - Mark Le Fanu, Society of Authors; Print on Demand: keeping books alive - David Taylor, Lightning Source; How to write a synopsis - Rebecca Swift, The Literary Consultancy; How literary agencies work: small can be beautiful - Catherine Clarke, Felicity Bryan Agency; Marketing yourself online: make some noise! - Mathew Riley, Lateral; Writing features for newspapers and magazines - Merope Mills, Guardian Weekend; Creative writing courses - Alison Baverstock, Kingston University. Contains information on a huge range of topics including copyright, finance, submitting a manuscript, e-publishing, prizes and awards.
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