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World Economic and Social Survey: Trends and Policies in the World Economy (2000)

Автор: United Nations
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ISBN: 9211091365
Authoritative and reliable, the 2000 World Economic and Social Survey offers unique insight and commentary on current trends and policies in the world economy. Essential to the business world, this Survey chronicles a remarkable recovery after the crisisyears 1997-1999. It also forecasts continued and increasingly widespread, economic growth heralded by the revolution in information and communications technology. This revolution offers new possibilities for tackling the age-old problem of poverty, however, there is concern that it may also widen the "digital divide" and leave behind those caught in the poverty trap. World Economic and Social Survey 2000 also aims to identify some of the actions that countries can take to start a period of rapid and sustained growth to improve living standards over a short period of time. Also included in this Survey, is an extensive statistical annex of economic, trade and financial indicators, incorporating current data and forecasts.
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